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Chippenham Club

7.00 - 8.00pm

Olympiad Leisure Centre, Chippenham

Calne Club

7.00 - 8.00pm

The Lansdowne Hall, Derry Hill

Our senior Judo sessions are for adults of all ages from 16 to 60+ looking for recreational Judo with the option on joining the Competition Squad for those who wish to compete.

Our clubs pride themselves on being friendly and welcoming to all with a place on the mat for everyone regardless of abilities.  We have had plenty of total novices along with returnees to the sport and former competitive Judoka. Shodan Judo sessions for Adults are somewhat unique, mixing fitness, techniques, contests, chat and fun with the fundamentals of the sport of Judo.

Our Chippenham Judo session currently runs from 7 until 8pm but will be extended to 8.30pm as the session grows. Beginners as well as experienced Judoka or those returning to the sport are all more then welcome. Mums and Dads of our Juniors are welcome to take up the sport of just give it a go as a one off to see exactly what Judo is all about.

No need to book - Just turn up and join in or you can  contact us  if you require more info.


Senior / Adult Session Photos

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Senior Session Photos - Olympiad, July 2013

sen1   sen3  sen5

Arm lock  Arm lock 

armlock5  armlock  armlock2

sen2  sen4  sen6

  Competition Sept 2007: DSC 0301   Competition Sept 2007: DSC 0302   

Competition Sept 2007: DSC 0288Competition Sept 2007: DSC 0289Competition Sept 2007: DSC 0290

Judo is a young mans game!!??!!!!????!!!!!?????

Shattered  Matt Tired  ym2 

tired  tired 2

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