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Covid-19: Statement, Home training & Youtube Channel - MORE
Changes to entry to Events Procedure - MORE
Groups of Four Competition 2020 - Results & Photos
Autumn Team Competition 2019 - Results & Photos
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Competition Squad - 2020 Members
2020 Grading Dates - LINK
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Winter Grading - November 2019 - Details
The Autumn Competition - Results and Photos coming soon
The Shodan Cup - Saturday 18th May - Results & Photos
Team Competition - Saturday 2nd March - Photos & Results
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2018 Christmas Party photos - LINK
Club Badges - available Soon!
Autumn Competition See Our Facebook Page for photos
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Squad Training returns on...
BJA Membership - COMING SOON


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Shodan Judo Events 2020


Click Event Name for more information

Team Competition   Saturday 7th March

Groups Of Four Competition  Saturday 28th March

Kata Course  April 2020 - tbc

Shodan Cup  Saturday 16th May

Groups Of Four Competition  Saturday 20th June

Summer Tournament  Saturday 11th July

Summer Camp   ugust

Autumn Competition   Saturday 17th October

Trowbridge Trophy  October 2020 tbc

Winter Grading  Saturday 14th November

Christmas Party  Saturday 12th December




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Changes to events entry procedure


As an individual sport, waiting is a necessary evil of a Judo Competition when suitably run with a referee, score board and decisions announced and recorded. However, we have spoiled alot of you with keeping our competitions at short as possible with little waiting time. For our last competition, we had many turn up on the day which is not normally an issued but in this case it pushed us over the maximum number of entries that we had scheduled for. To avoid this at future events, we are going to have to introduce and adhere to a strict deadline date which is likely to be a Week before the event. If spaces remain after the deadline then these will be made available but at a more expensive fee to that of before the deadline.

This means we can assess the number of entries and if required, split the entries into two groups by adding a later registration time. The divide may be age, weight, grade or a combination of these criteria. Of Course there will still be some wait time, but with these individual competitions, the competitors are free to leave as soon as medals are awarded which directly follows the completion of the bouts.

The changes make a decesion on split registration possible and will ensure events can stick to the schedule and run smoothly. We hope that we have given plenty of notice as to the changes and trust everyone will understand the reasoning behind them.


Kindest regards. Sensei Jason.



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Covid-19 Statement


We have obviously taken the decision to cancel all Shodan Judo clubs and events until such a time that it is deemed safe to make a return. Our thoughts are with all our members and everyone associated with Shodan Judo. May you and all your families and loved ones stay safe and well. We look forward to seeing you all in hopefully, the not too distant future when we can return to some kind of normaility. We are looking into launching a You tube Video with some Judo that can be practiced at home in a safe and controlled manner but parental supervision will be needed for Junior members


Home Training & Youtube Channel


We were on course for the grading due on the 28th. It is still possible to practice your Judo using an invisible or imaginary partner. Place shoes to mark out where their feet should be and then turn in and out with your throws to build muscle memory. Of course it is only worthwhile if doing it properly so look at online videos to check your positioning and movements are correct. We have some videos on the grading page of this website and we are planning on launching a You Tube Channel looking at techniques that you can practice at home.

Unless you have a willing partner who we have taught how to breakfall, plus some mats to train on, then you should not be actually throwing anyone over unless you want to visit A&E which you certainly do not at this time and nor will they be happy to see you. If you are not lucky enough to have a training dummy like our Mr Blue then teddy bears can be used but dont blame me if they get broken and please, please do not use your Brothers and Sisters teddy bears!

Groundwork holds and turnovers can be practiced with Mums and Dads but do ask them first and make sure you have some space and a nice soft floor.

Stay safe and well, missing you cheeky lot already.

You Tube Channel coming soon and will let you all know when it is live.




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Competition Squad 2020


Coming Soon



Successful Trialist who are now part of the 2020 Squad.

For more info on the squad click HERE


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