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Q: Is There an Age Limit

A; There is no upper age limit on when you can start Judo. However we don't recommend that any children younger than four take part, although they are more than welcome to come and watch.



Q: What Will I Learn?

A: Judo teaches throws, hold downs, strangles and locks. The higher grades are also expected to be able to show a knowledge of kata(a pattern of throws/hold downs done in a formal way).



Q: How Long Will It Take To Get A Black Belt?

A: The simple answer to that is - It depends on you.

There are a number of factors including how often you train, how much you put in and how well you absorb what is taught.



Q: What will I Get From Judo?

A: Starting Judo will, in our opinion give rise to a number of benefits.
     1. You will become fitter. Although you may not realise it, it will happen with regular training.
    2. Self discipline and respect
     3. You will gain self confidence.
    4. You will seriously enjoy yourself!



Q: Do I Need Any Special Clothing?

A: To start with - No. All you need is a comfortable pair of track suit bottoms and a long sleeve, loose fitting top. If you continue you will need a judo gi which is the traditional suit worn for training. 'Angry White Pyjamas' as they are often called.

Don't let that put you off, everyone else is wearing one and a judo gi is the most suitable thing for doing Judo in.



Q: Is Judo Expensive?

A: No it's not, The cost of the lessons in only £3.50 if you block book or £4 if you pay as you play, you'll then need some insurance, which you renew yearly and then a Judo gi which you can buy yourself or get from us. The only other expense is the cost of the grading's should you get hooked!



Q: Are there any Barriers?

Instructors have experience of students form all backgrounds with a variety of learning and behavioural difficulties. We do not claim to accept absolutely anyone but we do aim to make our sessions open to a great a range of people as possible. Nor are we experts on behavioural or learning difficulties and conditions but do have direct experience in coaching students with conditions including deafness, dyslexia, aspergous syndrome, ODD, ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Severe Expressive Language Disorder and even Aliens and Dinosaurs.



Q: Can I get help with the Fees?

All Shodan Judo clubs accept students on the free time subsidy scheme. You will need to contact your child's school to see what funding is available.



Q: Do I Need to be fit?

No, Just look at the state of the coaches! Fitness will improve dramatically once you start training.



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