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With a growing number of Junior and senior Black Belts and the club now creating Judoka and of a decent standard, I thought it a good idea to create a Hall of Fame. Currently this consists of Judoka who have achieved firsts for Shodan Judo such as first Junior and Senior Black Belt Grades. In the future we do hope to add more names and profiles and update profiles as our members Judo careers progress.

Sensei Jason



First Male Senior Black Belt taught at Shodan Judo

Paul Forster

Paul F

Senior Black Belt



Paul joined Shodan Judo at Chippenham and Calne Judo Clubs in 2005 and 2006 respectively when they were founded in the former and taken over in the latter.

Paul was a brown belt when he joined Shodan and quickly obtained his Black belt and established himself as a senior club coach helping to set-up and run both Calne and Chippenham in partnership with Jason.

Helping to establish Shodan Judo in the early days, Paul is held in high esteem by our longer standing members and whilst Paul has been unable to coach in recent years due to work and personal commitments, he has recently made a return to training and coaching at Chippenham Judo club.

Paul is the SJA Child Welfare officer and nominated first aider at our competitions as he is a paramedic.





First Male Senior Black Belt from Novice to Dan Grade

Dan Pankhurst

Dan P

Senior Black Belt

May 2008

Dan started training in February 2006 after coming along to watch some friends train.

Rising rapidly through the grades due to Dan's commitment to the sport and natural ability, Dan achieved his Senior Black within a couple of years of starting Judo and became our first Senior member to go from total novice to Dan Grade.

Dan is now a widely respected Judoka in terms of his Judo knowledge and contest ability. Dan is a Club coach at Chippenham Judo Club and regularly represents Shodan Judo at team competitions.

 In 2011 Dan was unanimously appointed treasurer of the SJA Trust.




First Junior Black Belt taught at Shodan Judo

Phillip Morgan

Phil M

Junior Black Belt



Phil was an existing member of Calne Judo Club when Jason took over the running of the club in 2006 and has matured in to a fantastic Judoka and becoming the first Junior to achieve a Dan grade at a Shodan Club.

Excellent theory is combined with what is now great contest ability to make a judoka that the club can be proud of. Regularly training with seniors who are much bigger and heavier then Phil has been to his benefit and continuing his Judo when he heads off to University will further Phil's abilities even more.

Phil is a Junior Coach at Calne Judo club and in addition, regularly assists with one to one coaching with the Calne senior session.




First Female Junior Black Belt taught at Shodan Judo

Lucy Buffham

Lucy Web Image

Junior Black Belt

March 2012

Lucy becomes the second ever Shodan member to be awarded the Junior Black belt and is the first female Shodan member to gain this status.

Lucy Buffham was a member of Calne Judo Club when i took over the club and has grown and developed in to a fantastic Judoka who is an example to all members of the standards needed in order to gain a first Dan Grade.

Lucy is a member of our competition squad and continues to develop as a player and is adding coaching abilities to her list of credentials. Certainly a young judoka with a good competitive future in the sport.




First Female Senior Black Belt taught at Shodan Judo.

Sarah Cordy


Senior Black Belt

May 2012



Sarah Cordy Joined Shodan Judo in 2010 training at Calne Judo club and quickly demonstrated her Judo ability that made her so successful in the sport during her teenage years.


After achieving her Black Belt earlier in 2012 we quickly moved to secure Sarah as Co-Competition Squad Coach so as to make use of her vast knowledge and experience.


Sarah is a senior club coach at Calne and Chippenham Clubs and was also appointed Club secretary for the SJA Trust in 2012





First Male Junior Black Belt taught from Novice to Dan Grade

Finlay Horsley

Finlay Horsley

Junior Black Belt

May 2012

It is with great pride that I can announce the award of a Junior Black belt to Finlay Horsley of Chippenham Judo club and Grittleton House School.

Finlay has an excellent level of theory and shows great consistency in his contest ability. Finlay continues to be a model student and role model being a great example of how our members should conduct themselves.

We have every confidence that Finlay will continue to develop as a Judoka and go on to achieve his senior black belt and be an excellent competitive player and a valued member of our club and competition squad.

Finlay follows hot of the heels of Lucy who was awarded her black belt in March and really shows how far the club has developed since it was started in 2004.

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