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The SJA is an independent Judo Association created from Shodan Judo Clubs that has been operating for nearly ten years now at several schools and evening clubs in the South West. The Association was formed in September 2011 and continues to grow through new clubs being created and existing clubs seeking to join our modern and forward thinking Association.

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Jnr   Junior Licence

Ages 11 Years and Under

Intermediates  Intermediate Licence

Ages 12 to 15 Years

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16+ Years


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Competition Licence

Our more competition minded members who want to enter competitions on a more frequent basis and compete at a higher and more competitive level are encouraged to become duel SJA and BJC and/or BJA members. These Licences also allows access to various BJA / BJC courses and for those with coaching in mind then the BJA is responsible for nationally recognized coaching qualifications.

British Judo Association Licence: We aim to have our Calne Club affiliated as a BJA Club but until then, SJA members can purchase a BJA Licence online and mark NO CLUB STATED/REGISTERED.

British Judo Council Licence: Our Chippenham and Marlborough clubs will become BJC Clubs which will enable the purchase of BJC Licences.

BJC Licence Application Form                      BJC Family Application Form

For more information on the types of licences available then please click on the following links.


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For more information on BJA and BJC Licences then please contact Jason by email or on

01249 661002 / 07502 285832



        SJA History

Shodan Judo Clubs and Schools hare there own identity and pholosophy towards Judo and coaching.The independence of the SJA brings several benefits of which the greatest is the ability to apply & continue to develop the Shodan method of coaching that has proven to be so effective. Our coaches teach primarily through fun & games whilst maintaining the core principles of traditional Judo.We have high standards in our grading system and always ensure that grades are earned and not given away like at some clubs and associations. Our students learn that they get out of Judo what they put in and to achieve a grade and the highest grades of Judo is an achievement that they should be very proud of.

The tags system for junior grades, where there is three tags before the colored belt means there is a good opportunity for differentiation but also the opportunity for everyone to progress at their own pace and allows for virtually everyone to obtain something from a grading no matter what their ability may be. We strive to make our players the best they can be competitively so they will be able to walk on to any mat at any club in the country and be able to do themselves and our association proud. That is quite a goal to aim for considering we are not a competition orientated association. Instead we believe that our students should be more then competent in all areas of the sport from the technical aspect, to competition, coaching, fitness and fun.



                      SJA Principles


SJA members are expected at all times to demonstrate and encourage good sportsmanship. Members should offer advice, coaching and encouragement wherever possible and win, lose or draw with equal grace and composure. Members should recognise good Judo skill and ability and give due credit where credit is due but should never boast of their own achievements.

Respect and Etiqutte

Members need to respect every person that is associated with the SJA whether that is a coach, fellow judoka, both higher and lower grades, parents, siblings and whoever else they may be and whatever their association with SJA. Members need to display good manners at all times and take action where others are falling short of our standards.


Always welcome new Judoka in a warm and friendly manner. Make as many friends at your club as possible but always keep chat and laughter to a reasonable level and remain well disciplined in order to listen to instructions.

    • Coaches’ commands must be adhered to at all times.No anti-social and unseemly behaviour in the dojo / training hall or areas associated with it.No shoes to be worn on the tatami / mats at any time.
    • Judoka should not leave the tatami unless they have obtained permission to do so from the coach.
    • Training is only permitted only under the supervision of a SJA qualified coach.
    • Strangles and arm-locks are not to be practiced and applied whether in training or randori unless under the supervision of and with the specific permission of your coach.         
    • Failure to comply with any or all of these rules will leave the member in question open to having the license revoked and being expelled from Shodan Judo Association.
    • SJA coaches reserve the right to refuse training to any person.

Child Protection, policies and procedures


      Our coaches all have CRB certificates, First Aid and Child Protection Qualified and annually renewed their coaching certificate from the SJA. Additionally, our coaches have the option of undertaking BJA and BJC coaching qualifications. Our coaches follow the SJA code of practice, equality policy and the procedures set out in our Child Protection Policy.

Our Club Volunteers complete a Personal Disclosure and a Volunteer Agreement, CRB and first aid Certificates also kept on file and are subject to the same Code of Practice, Equality Policy and Child Protection Policy.

If you would like a copy of our Child Protection Policy, Equality Policy, Code of Practice, Volunteer Agreements and / or coaches CRB's, First Aid, coaching and Child Protection Qualifications then please contact Jo Chandler.

Joanne Chandler

01249 661002 / 07584 319380,


If there are any Child Protection issues or concerns then please contact our Child Protection Officer using the following details.

      Chantelle Brown - SJA Child Protection Officer

         01249 652119 / 07854 413822  

Deputy CPO is Joanne Chandler 01249 661002 / 07584 319380,


Third Contact option – Jason Cooke (Head Coach):

01249 661002 / 07502 285832,


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