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The not for profit side of Shodan Judo is The Shodan Judo Trust and whilst similarly named, the trust is in fact a totally separate entity to the business side of Shodan Judo and is governed by a written constitution. This document sets out how exactly how the Trust operates and the trust will look to enhance the Judo club standing and to benefit the community.

If you are interested in learning more and joining the trust then please view the following letter from our Chairman.

Chairs Letter - September 2014.pdf



Shodan Judo Training Facility

The Trust has secured ownership of a building and a home to site it. We now need to raise the funds needed to relocate, refurbish and kit it out with the latest quality Judo mats and a sprung loaded floor.

We are in the application process for funding from several charitable organisations and hope to have some good news to report soon. For more news on own Fundraising and Sponsorship then click on the links below.


Sensei Jason and Gareth are volunteering to coach the competition squad with all revenue from squad training going straight in to the trust funds.

The Squad trains every first Wednesday of the Month but will increase training regularity when we move into our new facility.






In addition to squad training fees, proceeds from social events such as our Summer BBQ, Halloween party and Christmas Party also goes directly to trust revenues.

A percentage of the SJA Membership fee is paid directly to trust funds and a percentage of revenue from Shodan competitions is also paid to the trust.

Any funds raised by spectator fees and refreshment monies goes to the trust and then of course there is Sponsorship and Fundraising revenues.


Longer and more sessions for Chippenham Judo Club but also for the Competition Squad.

Day time Judo camps during the School holidays

Sessions can start earlier and run later with no mats to set out or clear away,

Revenue can be re-invested instead of disappearing out of the club to our hall providers

Savings in hall fees in Chippenham means we can pay more for the Calne and Marlborough Clubs to ensure their sustainability.

Better facilities for our members to be enjoyed by all members at our camps, courses, gradings and competitions.

The Shodan Judo Trust now has a face book page:  



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