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2022 - TBC

Congratutations to all who took part in our Autumn Competition 2019

The results were as follows and photos below.

4th place Bronze 3rd place Bronze Silver Medal Gold Medal
Morgan Speirs (Capt) Ethan Hill (Capt) Ben Cooke (Capt) Mikey Robinson (Capt)
Ben Woodley Joe Robinson Alex Wong Joseph Freeman
Felix Sancto Jontie Hart Bertie Bate Tilda Borthwick
Taro Woodly Aiden Mcanaw Sam Clarke Oliver Bridges
Georgina Pritchard Aurora Watkins Adam Armstrong Scarlett Burrett
Martha Clarke Abel Cryer Mitchell Burrett Jen Hall
Jonah Raskin Alex Neil Arizona Sancto Thomas Brown
Bailey Vines Leo Durnell Felix Freeling-Wilkinson Ben Grogan
91 Points 104 Points 128 Points 134 Points


Special Recognition Medals:

Jen Hall & Ethan Hill - Superb Ippon Throws

Arizona Sancto & Felix Freeling Wilkinson - Amazing performances at first competitions


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The venue is The Lansdowne Hall, Petty Lane, Derry Hill, SN11 9QY

Registration is from 9.45 - 10am with a finish time of no later than 1.00pm

All entrants receive a Medal with additional Medals for best Throws & Special recognition.


This Competition is a great opportunity to gain experience in a more relaxed setting with fellow Shodan Judo Club mates. Suitable for Novices and our yooungest members as well as our more experienced Judoka.

There will be Three to Four teams and so Three to Four Contest per entrant against someone of a similar size and ability. All Scores count to the teams final total and so even if a bout is lost, any points scores is a contribution. The medal awarded depends on your teams final points tally.


Deadline - Entry may be possible on the day but can not be guaranteed.

With the aim of saving paper, entry will be via text, email or a phone call to confirm your place. Contact details are below or via our Contact Us page. Entry Fee is due on the Day of the competition. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis so do contact us early to avoid disappointment. Entry may close early if the limit is reached. Please contact Jason / Jo if there is a need for a special provisions for anyone attending whether entrant or spectator.

The Competition Fee is £10 per entrant and is the same for all ages and grades.

Payment methods: Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheques payable to Jason Cooke


Please Note:

Your Shodan Judo Membership must be up to date. Renewal or new memberships can be gained on the day during registration should it be necessary.

In line with our Child Protection Policy, the organisors respectfully request that any person who does not want any photos or videos of their Child to be taken to please state so during registration so we be sure that this does not happen. Parental and/or Guardian photos and/or videos of this event will be permitted for your Child but you must respect the right of any Parent/Guardian or withholds permission.

Shodan Judo will places photos/Videos on its facebook page and/or website unless permission is witheld as described above.

All Competitors under the age of 18 remain the responsibility of Parent/s and/or Guardian/s when not on the Judo Mat and provsion should be made accordingly.

Any necessary refreshments should be brought with you as only drinking water is available at the venue. There is a shop in the venue but is some distance away.

There is no spectator Fee.


Competitors agree to the following:

1) I will comply with the rules set out by the Shodan Judo.

2) I understand and agree that niether the organisers nor any of its official or members shall be liable or responsible for any personal injury or for any loss or damage to property arising out of my participation in or associated travelling in connection with this competition.

3) I am totally responsible for my own state of health and can confirm that my details provided are correct.

4) I accept all decisions of the officials/event organisers as final.

5) If coaches wish to seek clarification or challenge a referee decesion then please do so in the correct and respectfull manner. Our referees are all volunteers with a varying degree or experience and confidence. In such cases an experienced referee is always assisting.

6) Any action against the spirit of Judo could result in disciplinary actions for those concerned which may include disqualification and being asked to leave the venue.


Key Rules:

No Armlocks or Strangles for competitors under the age of 18.

20 Seconds for an Ippon Score on hold downs

2.00 Contests for Juniors under 12, 3 Minutes for Intermediates (12-18) 4 Minutes for Seniors

BJA Rules will be used. Shodan Judo reserves the right to modify rules as it sees fit.

Matside Coaching is allowed.

Only White and Blue Coloured Judogis will be permitted.





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