Is there an age Limit?

We do not recommend that Children younger then Four take part and the upper age limit is 70 Years of age but that is only because of restrictions imposed by our insurance providers.

How Long will it take to get a Black Belt?

It all depends of the individual. There are a number of factors to consider including how often you train, concentration levels and frequency of gradings and competitions entered.

What Will I Learn?

Judo Consists of Throws, Hold downs, Arm Locks and Strangles. The Latter two are obviously only taught when age appropriate and only used in Randori (fighting) at age 16+. Higher grades also learns Katas and engage in the coaching process for newer and younger grades which also helps to reinforce their own knowledge and understanding of techniques.

What will I get from Judo?

You will become fitter, although you may not initially realise it, discipline, respect, self confidence, self defence, friends, social interaction and fun.

Are there any barriers to joining?

Not at all. We pride ourselves on being open and incusive of anyone who wishes to participate. We have members who are or have deafness, downs syndrome, ADHD, ADD, ODD, Autisum, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. We welcome anyone who steps on the mat with the same enthusisum whether it is someone who instantly shows massive potential to be a future Olympic Champion or someone who trips over whilst stepping on the mat. Everyone is welcome at our club.

What do I wear?

To begin with you will not need to purchase a Judo suit or Gi to use the Japanese term. Loose fitting trousers such as track suit bottoms and a long sleeve top is more than sufficient. We have some Judo suits that can be borrowed and the Gi itself is relatively inexpensive. We have some used Gi's available to buy for just £10. They can be purchased though us or you are free to source your own whether it be new or used.

Is Judo Expensive?

No. It seems to us the more unheard a martial art is than the higher the fee is but with Judo that has been established in the UK for a considerable time, the fee is more than reasonable. If you block book, which is in 10 Week blocks, than the Weekly fee works out at Just £4 per session. If you would rather pay weekly or 'pay as you throw' then the fee is £4.50. Fees can be paid in cash or via bank transfer if more convenient. There is no standing orders, most competitions are only £10 and the grading fee is between £12 and £15 depending on the Hall Fee we have to pay.

What is Membership?

Membership is needed for access to our events such as gradings, competitions, camps and Social events such as our Christmas and Easter Parties. It is mandatory as it includes the neccessary personal accident insurance. You also get your Judo record book, club badge and membership Card. The fee is only £18 per Year for a Junior, £22 for an intermediate and £24 for Adults.

Do I need to be fit?

No. Just look at the state of the coaches. Being fit is obviously a benefit in any sport but fitness will improve when you begin training. Anyone who needs to take time off the mat to recover or sit out certain drills is free to do so. Coaches may offer encouragment but never force anyone beyound what they feel comfortable with doing.



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