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Jason has taught both our children judo from the age of 7. We have a boy and a girl, who are now 14 and 12 respectively. Jason is an excellent teacher, consistently managing to get the balance between learning and fun just right.

Our children train with him twice a week and thoroughly enjoy their sessions. Jason is thorough in his teaching and the children have made great progress under his tutorship; indeed our son has just been awarded his black belt and our daughter is 2 black tags away from black. He has taken them from white belt to their current positions and from him, they now have an understanding of the art of judo, the desire to fight, but the requirement for good conduct and sportsmanship, which are all central to judo.

He makes it fun and they learn in a fun environment. What better way to learn.


Ruth Patton - Parent at Chippenham Judo Club


‘My daughter, Sarah now 13, started judo 3 years ago and enjoys the mix of learning new judo techniques and the fun activities-particularly football. The children/young people are encouraged to take part in competition and exhibition activities to develop their skills and further build their confidence’. 

‘Sarah can lack confidence and likes the reassurance of knowing she can defend herself if she has too’. 

‘Jason is great with the children/young people encouraging them to do their best with the right mix of fun and discipline. As a parent he, and his partner Jo, are always friendly and approachable’. 

‘Refreshingly unusual, but welcome, is the fact you only pay for sessions you attend especially as Sarah is involved in school sporting activities these do sometimes clash’.

Catherine Saville   - Parent at Chippenham Judo Club


 "I wanted my son to have fun but still be aware of the need for discipline and Shodan Judo gives him both."

Parent at Chippenham Judo Club


Adam & Jamie have been attending your Chippenham judo club for more years than I care to remember (at least 7 years I think), & they keep coming back for more each week, so you must be doing something right! 

They enjoy the social, fun & games side of each session in particular, but as a parent I appreciate the huge benefits they have gained from the club over the years, both in terms of regular exercise & fitness, self-confidence, discipline & dedication to learning a skill that I’m sure will stay with them for life. It’s been a pleasure watching them increase their skill levels as they progress through the gradings & achieve each new belt, & the cheerful & informal atmosphere you generate at the club makes their learning enjoyable & fun.

Adrian Heath - Parent at Chippenham Judo Club


Our son has been attending Calne judo club for just over 4 years, when he started he was very shy and lacked confidence but due to Jason's guidance and amazing coaching technique he has now become a confident teenager, who has become very successful in competitive fighting.

Darren and Julie - Parents at Calne Judo Club


I think the Shodan Judo club is really great. You combine lots of fun with good teaching of Judo skills and principals and are happy to allow children and adults to work at their own speed. This really allows them to develop with confidence and enjoyment. Many thanks. 

Jane Eyre - Parent at Calne Judo Club


Jason Cooke has been teaching my son ‘Jacob Callaway’ judo for about a year now. I use to enjoy judo myself when I was younger, so I’m always keen to go along and watch the sessions. In my opinion Jason combines the perfect balance of fun and learning, which manages to hold the attention of the whole class, which has quite a wide age range and mixture of abilities. I would definitely recommend Jasons’ classes to any aspiring judo star and would have no hesitation in giving a personal reference for Jason as an individual.

Richard Callaway - Parent at Chippenham Judo Club


My two children have been going to Judo for the last nine months and are of mixed ages and ability. Jason is a fantastic instructor he manages to keep them focused as well as making the sport extremely fun. He oodles patience and is able to communicate to the children at all levels. I have a near teenager and a nine year old both with different temperaments and he is able to get the best from both of them. I would recommend his professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to get the best from any child.

Alison Jones - Parent at Calne Judo Club


"Doing judo is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love teaching and entering competitions. I recommend it to everyone.

Student - Calne Judo


Judo is a great sport to do as we learn new skills and also get to play some fab games and Jason is a very good coach (shame he supports Liverpool!)

Jack Angell - Student at Calne Judo Club


"I saw my kids having so much fun & couldn't resist getting on the mat myself"

Parent Chippenham


Oskar is loving his Judo! You make it fun and engaging and he can't wait to get to the class every Monday. So a BIG thank you from us.

Charlotte - Parent at Marlborough Judo Club


In fighting & in everyday life you should be determined though calm. Meet the situation without tenseness yet not  recklessly, your spirit settled yet unbiased. An elevated spirit is weak & a low spirit is weak. Do not let the enemy see your  spirit."

Musashi Miyamoto



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