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Shodan Cup Competition


The 2019 Competition is Scheduled for Saturday 18th May at The Lansdowne Hall, Petty Lane, Derry Hill, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9QY


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2016 Shodan Cup

Congratulations to Trowbridge for winning The Shodan Cup.

A massive thanks to all the helpers who make the competition possible.

The Medalists were as follows:

Under 12's - Under 23kg

Bronze - Abel Cryer  Silver - Jacob Faulkner  Gold - Bede Cryer.

Under 12's - Under 27kg

Bronze - Taro Woodley  Silver - George Simmonds  Gold - Sam Moloney.

Under 12's - Under 31kg

Bronze - Patryya Balawender  Silver - Aiden Flannagan  Gold - Chloe Witt

Under 12's - Under 38kg

Bronze - Ben Woodley  Silver - Natalia Rojek  Gold - Kai Hitchcock

Under 12's - Under 42kg

Bronze - Sebby D'Onofrio  Silver - Freya Day  Gold - Sam Simmonds

Under 12's - Under 48kg

Bronze - Rupert Adam Gates  Silver - Olivia Searle  Gold - Adam Walters

12 Years+ Under 55kg

Bronze - Lucas Reay  Silver - Angus Purcell  Gold - Holly Hitchcock

12 Years+ 55kg+

Bronze -   Silver - Angus Purcell  Gold - Holly Hitchcock

12 Years+ 55kg+

Bronze - Felix Adam Gates  Silver - Mikey Jamroz  Gold - Sam Riley

Adults Under 70kg

Bronze - Cheyenne Sutherland  Silver - Morgan Davies  Gold - Sean Riley

Adults Under 85kg

Bronze - Marl Lock  Silver - Felix Alden Gates  Gold - Chandler Hill

Adults 85kg+

Silver Medal - Stuart Shipway  Gold Medal - Jimmy Lirvat







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