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Groups of Four Competition

Saturday 7th March 2020


A massive thank-you for everyones patientance in waiting for your or your childs time to compete. We have made changes to the entry procedure that may well result in two seperate registration times meaning older/ bigger/ higher grades can arrive later with significantly reduced waiting times in line with our other competition waiting times. These are more than reasonable in the world of Judo competitions that use a score board and referee. For more information click HERE

It Should go without saying how proud all the coaches are of everyone who took part. Also, a massive thank-you to Sensei Henry for his excellent and tireless refereeing along with Jo and Ben who were on score board duties.

Results of the Groups of Four Competition:

4th place Bronze

3rd place Bronze Silver Medal lGold Medal
Yuma Beis Zachary Cole Henry Howarth Finlay Lewis
Alex Neil Elliott Howarth Felix Zavia Bailey Vines
Archie Genery Leo Jefferies Rowan Hosey Leo Durnell
Harvey Criton Ben Grogan George Durnell Ryan Padget
Charlie Morgan Jonah Raskin Charlie Sugg Mitchell Burrett
Xander Hosey George Padget Olivia Eddy Martha Clarke
5th place Bronze 4th place Bronze 3rd place Bronze Silver Medal Gold Medal
Logan Lewis Aiden Mcanaw Adam Armstrong Taro Woodley Aurora Watkins
4th place Bronze 3rd place Bronze Silver Medal lGold Medal
Eddie Morgan Freddie Stewart Scarlett Burrett Oliver Bridges
Alex Randall Georgina Pritchard Aubrey Howarth Abel Cryer
Thomas Brown Sam Clarke Lexie Brown Georgia Perry
5th place Bronze 4th place Bronze 3rd place Bronze Silver Medal Gold Medal
Freya Hall Alex Gabanski Alex Wong Jontie Hart Bertie Bate
4th place Bronze 3rd place Bronze Silver Medal Gold Medal
Morgan Spiers Mike Robinson Joe Freeman Ben Woodley
Harrison Whylie Rob Bartlett Ethan Hill Edward Wong


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Groups of Four Competition

2021 Date & time tbc


at The Lansdowne Hall, Derry Hill

10.00am start - Finish times depends on weight group.

lightest - approx. 11am up to Heaviest - approx - 1.30pm


Groups of Four Competition is on Saturday 20th of June at the Lansdowne Hall in Derry Hill. This Competition is suitable for all members but particularly an ideal first time competition with only Jason's Shodan Clubs and Schools being extended an invitation and after 3 contests, everyone will receive a medal.

Please arrive at 9.45am for a 10.00am start. Being an individual competition means the medal awarded is solely down to to you and not dependant on a team performance. Our smallest students will compete first going through in size order to the adult section. Each entrant will have three contests each with medals awarded directly after. Entrants are then free to leave or stay to watch others compete should you wish to do so. The smallest groups should be completed at around 11am with the biggest intermediates and adults finishing at between 1.00 and 2.00pm.

The entry fee  is £10 and you will need to have your Membership up to date as this includes your insurance. Time constraints limits the number of entrants which is on a first come, first served basis. Entry fees can be paid in advance or on the day.

There is no entry form for this one but please text / Call (07584 319380) or email (jason@shodanjudo.co.uk) to confirm your place and attendance.

If you have any questions or require further information than please feel free to contact us on 07584 319380 or email us at jason@shodanjudo.co.uk and we will be happy to help or have a chat with us at the next session.

Parents / Guardians are reminded that they remain responsible for their children's wellbeing and safety when they are off the mat awaiting their time to compete. This also counts as a qualifying competition to participate in the next grading scheduled for November. Just a reminder - There is no competition requirement for white belts, One competition for under Green belts and Two Competitions for Green belts and above.

Book Your Place here:

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    Or text / Call:

    or email:

    Best of Luck


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